Rhodiola Rosea is a nootropic that has been used as traditional medicine in Russia and Scandinavian countries for centuries. In Russia, it has been used as a remedy for fatigue, poor concentration, decreased memory and to boost productivity of workers. This ancient medicine has remarkable stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties. Some people have even reported improved libido and sexual performance after using Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea undoes damage to your brain caused by chronic stress and even improves your body and brain’s response to stress.


How does Rhodiola boost mental productivity?

Mood: Rhodiola Rosea relieves stress by balancing your body’s stress-response system. It helps your body return to a calm state by modulating key neurotransmitters like serotonin, and endorphins.

Neuron rejuvenation: Rhodiola Rosea helps in neurogenesis by the repair and growth of new neurons. It also contributes to the production of ATP, which is your body and brain’s main energy source.


Reasons to join the ‘Rhodiola Revolution’

Multiple benefits: Studies on organs, tissues, cells and enzymes show that Rhodiola Rosea extracts exhibit neuroprotective, cardio protective, anti-fatigue, anti-depressive, anxiolytic, nootropic, and longevity effects.

Mood enhancer: A research team concluded that Rhodiola Rosea extract has powerful anti-depressant qualities in those with mild to moderate depression. The research team reported that subjects saw substantial improvements in depression, insomnia, emotions, and overall quality of life.

Improved mental performance under stress: A research team found that the number of neurons in the hippocampus in the Rhodiola Rosea-treated group were increased and restored to normal levels.

Another study found a statistically significant improvement in cognitive tests after supplementation with Rhodiola Rosea. Tests involved overall level of mental fatigue, associative thinking, short-term memory, calculation, ability of concentration, and speed of audio-visual perception. No side effects were reported. The subjects also had a reduction in general fatigue under stressful conditions.

Anti-fatigue effect: A study showed a noticeable anti-fatigue effect in cadets treated with Rhodiola Rosea. The intent was to measure the effect of a single dose of Rhodiola Rosea extract on capacity for mental work against a background of fatigue and stress.

Rhodiola Rosea is a unique uplifting medicinal nootropic that can improve multiple aspects of your overall health.


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