Phosphatidylserine: The most important nootropic you can take for brain maintenance

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a vital component encasing every one of your brain cells. PS is essential for the smooth functioning and maintenance of brain cells. It allows for the efficient transfer of proteins, enzymes, nutrients, oxygen, and glucose in and out of each cell. PS is involved in the formation and transmission of neuro signals. PS promotes healthy nerve growth factor (NGF) and is crucial for memory formation. PS is also responsible for building mitochondria which are the power houses of each brain cell. Our typical modern diet does not provide the ideal supply of PS to maintain healthy brain cells. It’s why we experience brain fog, memory loss, slow thinking and poor decision making.


How does PS work?

PS stimulates neurotransmitters that boost neural signaling for quick, clear thinking. PS works in combination with DHA (Omega-3) to protect brain cells from damage.


Why is PS essential for long term cognitive health?

PS reduces stress: Studies conducted by researchers at the University of Wales Swansea have shown that PS reduces the release of cortisol in response to exercise stress.

PS improves cognition in athletes: Researchers found that PS significantly improved cognitive function and mood in young college athletes before, during and after resistance training.

PS improves memory: A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in Tel Aviv worked with 18 healthy elderly volunteers with age related cognitive decline. 88% of the volunteers showed substantial increase in memory and cognition from using PS.

Given the neuroprotective properties of PS, there is no question why it needs to be a part of your daily routine!


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