NEXTGEN COFFEE is about more than helping you live a much better day. 

Right now, more than ever, our world is overwhelmed with information, emotion and change.

Already in our complex information economy -  our brains are working so much longer, and so much harder than our ancestor's ever did. 

 On top of that, our modern diets just don’t have the nutrients and compounds needed to power our brains effectively. 

This is why it’s so common nowadays to hear about people suffering from burnout, anxiety, poor attention span, mental fatigue, brain fog, feeling overwhelmed, feeling stressed, mood swings or low motivation.

We are here to change that.

At NEXTGEN COFFEE we are helping make better brain health more mainstream. Without you having to eat a bunch of inconvenient, rare, and expensive superfoods or spending hundreds on pricy supplements.

We wanted you to experience a day-changing leap in your cognition and brain health by doing something you already do every day. Drink your morning coffee.

We infused a carefully chosen and clinically proven selection of natural brain boosting compounds into ultra premium specialty grade gourmet coffee.

In doing so we added a whole range of short term daily benefits and long term brain health benefits and went a step further with ingredients specially chosen to get rid of the cons of coffee like increased anxiety, energy crashes, and sleep disruptions.

With NEXTGEN not only will you experience short term benefits that transform your day like increased mental performance, mood, stress resistance and all day mental energy. But as you drink NEXTGEN every day, you will start to see the long term benefits like improved attention span, memory, verbal acuity plus relief from anxiety and depression symptoms.

With your help and support we are creating a world that makes better brain health more mainstream.


For people that want to feel amazing mentally so they can kill it every day, in all areas of their life - Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Happiness.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, creative genius, change maker, super dad or mom, office hero, work from home maverick, athlete, or beyond, we want to empower the doers with next level mental performance, better brain health, and the worlds most delicious gourmet coffee at the same time. Because life's too short for brain fog or bad coffee. :)

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